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Is your Blended Family Feeling Broken?

Do you want to move your family from barely surviving to thriving? 

We know that it can be hard to navigate life as a blended family.

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Resources for the Blended Family

Biblical Foundations

Mentors who have walked the journey

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At Blended Not Broken we know that blended families have unique challenges, but we also know that with some guidance and understanding they can be the happiest of homes

Here, you'll find resources:

  • To help strengthen your new marriage.

  • Parent your stepchildren.

  • Understand attachment and grief in the context of a blended family.  

Our goal is to provide information and support so that you can make effective decisions for your family unit. Together, we can create a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling family life.

Our website features a wide variety of helpful articles on all things related to blended families along with tips, advice and personal stories from our own experiences. Whether you’re looking for guidance on dealing with common issues like co-parenting or stepchild dynamics or just want to understand more about the experience of living within a blended family — we have it covered.

We invite you to join us as part of our online community where you’ll find advice, answers and even friendship as you figure out what works best for your particular situation. So come join us today and get started on your path towards building strong relationships in your blended family!

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Welcome to Blended Not Broken 

From weekly articles written by our team members and other step parents, to online courses designed with input from experts in the field of blended family dynamics, we strive to bring you the best resources available. So if you're ready to take your blended family journey up a notch, join us today!

Navigate the Challenges

 Learn how to navigate the challenges that come with being part of a blended family, such as communication breakdowns, disagreements over parenting styles, financial issues, and so much more. 

Walk with a Family Who Have Blended a Family

See firsthand how other families have navigated their journey towards becoming a blended family and how they dealt with any issues that may have arisen.

What the Bible Has to Say about Your Blended Family

Explore scriptural passages related to blended families and gain insight into what God has to say about these challenging yet rewarding relationships.

Hear from a Therapist

Get additional support from an experienced therapist who can provide invaluable advice on how best to move forward with your blended family challenges.

Let us help you take steps towards experiencing joy and peace within your unique family

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Meet The Blended Not Broken Team!

We are a community of step parents, spouses, and families living in blended family households who want to help make life easier for everyone involved. Our mission is to provide resources and support for those navigating the unique challenges of a blended family.

We know that when it comes to blended families, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we’re here to share our stories and experiences to help you find the best solutions for your unique situation. Whether you’re a step parent or spouse looking for advice on how to adjust, or just someone seeking more information about living in a blended family, Blended Not Broken has something for everyone.

From weekly articles written by our team members and other step parents, to online courses designed with input from experts in the field of blended family dynamics, we strive to bring you the best resources available. So if you're ready to take your blended family journey up a notch, join us today!

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We are here to remind you that while blending families can be incredibly challenging, it is also an opportunity for growth and learning – both for parents and children.

We believe that through communication, mutual respect and shared experiences, it’s possible to build strong relationships within the blended family unit.

Blended Not Broken Family Program

We are here to help you develop strategies and guidelines that will improve the way your blended family works. Our courses provide an opportunity for you to learn new skills, and put into practice new habits in your family.

30 Self Pace Videos

Work at your own pace alongside your family.

30 Participant Guides/Workbooks

Download our participant guide for each session and gain access to helpful resources, tips and advice on how to manage a blended family. 

Biblical Foundations

We are rooted in Christian values that provide a firm foundation for lasting change.

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Kind Words from Friends of Blended Not Broken

"God sometimes gives you the wonderful privilege of working alongside people of integrity and excellence and I can’t think of more appropriate words to describe Tim Smith and the ‘team’ at Blended, Not Broken. With nearly 50% of families in the U.S. either remarried or recoupled, and hundreds of stepfamilies being formed every day, their unique expertise and wise counsel bring a deep well of faith-based resources that are critically needed for the Body of Christ. Honored to be part of such a great ministry focus and all they represent."

Dr. Eric Scalise

Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Hope for the Heart

"As Pastors, we get to see up close the pain and residual effects of relationships damaging people and people damaging relationships. We get to walk alongside divorcees, widows, and widowers as they endeavor to move forward in life without their spouse. 

In the Blended, Not Broken coaching course, Tim and Christie have done a masterful job of equipping leaders and caregivers with the tools needed to help people win in life, and helping us all see the fullness of God’s grace to redeem, repair, and renew broken families. Anyone desiring to turn hopelessness into great hope should take this course!

James & Sharon Ward
Pastors of INSIGHT Church, Tinley Park, IL


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