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At Blended Not Broken, we understand the unique challenges that come with blended families.

We have a heart for them because we’ve been there ourselves. We know firsthand how hard it can be to combine two households and create a unified family. Our goal is to make life easier for those who are walking the same path we did – and make sure that they don’t have to do it alone.

Our resources are designed to provide practical advice and support, covering everything from remarriage to parenting tips. We draw on our real-life experiences as well as insights from experts in the field of blended family dynamics, ensuring that our advice is grounded.


We believe that every blended family has its own unique set of circumstances, so all our resources are tailored to fit the specific needs of each family. Whether you’re just starting out or already down the road, we can help you navigate your journey towards creating a strong, healthy bond within your family.

We’re committed to helping blended families succeed – not just survive – and our ultimate goal is for them to thrive together!

Unlock the power of a great blended family with Blended Not Broken

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Meet the Team


Christie Meldrim

Christie Meldrim has been in church ministry for 15 years and currently works as the Guest Services Director at West Ridge Church in Dallas, GA. She is a graduate of Colorado Christian University with a degree in Student Ministry. Christie and her husband Mark live in Dallas, GA where she is stepmom to Alexis, Dillon, Libbie and Leeann. Christie is co-authoring the book, Blended Not Broken to be released later in 2023.

Grant Wood

Grant Wood is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and the owner and Clinical Director of Resonate Relationship Clinic LLC in Overland Park, Kansas. Resonate is a multi-specialty mental health practice serving over 4,000 individuals and families annually in the greater Kansas City area. Grant works with individuals, couples and families in the areas of emotional, relational, social and spiritual development. Grant has completed advanced training in Enneagram Psychology, Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy. He specializes in pre-marital and marital enrichment, men’s issues, blended families and spiritual formation.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith has over 35 years of experience with nonprofit organizations in administration, management, and fund development. He has also served as a Development Officer in nonprofit organizations and Executive Pastor for two megachurches. Tim recently served as Chief Development Officer for the Museum of the Bible and is the Founder and President of NonProfit DNA, a development and consulting agency.

Tim is married to Olivia, as parents and stepparents they share a total of six children. He is the author of Donors Are People Too: Managing Relationships with Your Ministry’s Major Contributors, a book on the art of personal relationship with donors, What Have I Gotten Myself Into, and Blended Not Broken coming in 2023.

Words from our friends

Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg

In 40 years of counseling and now coaching marriages and families there are times when you know the couple sitting before you need more than you can deliver. Their journey is distinctive enough that you need to step back and call upon those that get it better than you so that the couple you are helping can get the best of the best. In the broad world of blended marriages and families our go to experts are also our close friends: Tim Smith and Christie Meldrim, founders of Blended Not Broken. Tim and Christie have walked the journey of a blended family personally as a father and daughter. We know them up close. We know Tim’s wife and Christie’s husband and this family and team bring a genuine and authentic message that is not only congruent but also incredibly empowering. Scoop up whatever they write, video, podcast or bring to the platform. You will be equipped and deeply encouraged as a family.

-Marriage coaches (, authors, speakers and former radio show co hosts
The Rosberg Group and America’s Family Coaches

John Trent and Kari (Trent) Stageberg

Blended families can feel as challenging as playing 3D Chess - blindfolded. There's his family. Her family. Our family. No wonder so many couples end up broken - which is why your Blended Family has come to the right place! We have met with, worked alongside, and are honored to highly recommend to you Tim, Olivia and Christine. The awesome family team at Blended, not Broken. Get ready for tools, insights, wisdom, hope and grace to help you handle the biggest challenges and build a blessed home. and The Center for StrongFamilies
Authors of The Blessing and "Where do I go from here?"

GJ & Alita Reynolds

"Tim and Christie understand first and foremost how to develop, have and live as a successful blended family. They are able to model and teach you and your family how to be and live vibrantly as a blended family. Jump on board and they will show you the way."
Women of Faith

How we love to help blended families

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We have tons of free downloads, training sessions and more to help you with your blended family.

Free Downloads, training sessions to help YOUR blended family. Coming this fall is a 100 day devotional guide for stepparents and the book; Blended Not Broken.

Find the support you need to make blended family life work.

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Blended Not Broken Course

We know you're busy. That's why we offer online courses that are convenient and affordable. Our courses are designed to make it easy for you to understand the ins and outs of blended family life.

Don't let blended family problems hold you back. Get the help you need to succeed.

Get the help you need now with our courses that focus on real issues in blended families.

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Sometimes, one-on-one guidance is the best way to move forward.

We have Certified Blended Family Coaches who specialize in helping stepparents and their families with the unique challenges of being a stepparent.

Have a heart to help blended families? Find out more about becoming a coach. 


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Hi I'm Tim one of your mentors, 

For the longest time as a stepdad I saw my family as a “broken” family.

We seemed lost without resources and direction as a family.

This is where Blended Not Broken was born. I wanted to challenge families like ours to move away from a mindset that their family is broken. To embrace the idea of a Blended Family as something that can be vibrant, healthy and full of love and life.

In Blended Not Broken you are going to be given a framework from people inside Blended families who have made it work.

It wasn’t so long ago that our family was in the same place as your family. But we found our way through and came out the other side. Through Blended Not Broken you can find the same success in your family that we have found in ours.

Looking for some resources?

Download 5 Keys To Leave Brokenness Behind

Unlock a New Beginning for Your Blended Family


About the Team


TS: I have been to every state except Montana
GW: My name is the same as the famous American painter of “American Gothic” but I am not related to him in any way. 
CM: When my dad began dating when I was in my teens I would slam the door on his dates when they would come over for dinner


TS: I once played 8 rounds of golf in 7 days around Scotland
GW: I once played the saxophone at 3 different weddings in one day in Romania for people I had never met.
CM: I have been to 10 countries, Mozambique was probably my favorite because of the way GOD used it to stretch me and call me into my next season.


TS: I am a closet country music listener. I don’t know the songs or the artists… I just like the way it sounds!
GW: I completed the world’s longest non-stop river race (340 miles) in a kayak.
CM: When I was 16 I borrowed my dads car while he was in Israel and upon going through the drive through at a bank I kind of ran into the bank.