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From Broken to Blended

More than half of families in the U.S. are blended - remarried or recoupled.

Every day, thousands of couples begin a journey building both a new marriage and starting roles as stepparents. Blended Not Broken offers practical, Biblical support for the unique joys and challenges facing second marriages, stepparents and stepchildren.

Unlock a new beginning with our free guide: 5 Keys to Leaving Brokenness Behind.

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Blending the New Family

There’s no doubt we bring the brokenness of our past relationships into our new family system. There are 5 key factors to recognize and face in the process of healing when coming to a new marriage and family system.

From stigmas and shame to trauma, identifying the 5 keys to leaving brokenness behind will shape your journey and guide you, your spouse and children to health and wholeness.

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Words from our friends...

June Hunt

A blended family is like a jigsaw puzzle—if you force the pieces to fit, you destroy the intended design. To help us work the blended family puzzle, here’s great news—this is a family that’s done it! Now they are providing practical solutions for perplexing problems. And more so, their solutions are trustworthy and based on biblical truth. Who doesn’t need wise answers for our ‘What to do’ dilemmas? What a gift for every blended family!

-Founder and Chief Servant Officer, Hope for the Heart

Author, "How to forgive...when you don't feel like it"

John Trent and Kari (Trent) Stageberg

Blended families can feel as challenging as playing 3D Chess - blindfolded. There's his family. Her family. Our family. No wonder so many couples end up broken - which is why your Blended Family has come to the right place! We have met with, worked alongside, and are honored to highly recommend to you Tim, Olivia and Christine. The awesome family team at Blended, not Broken. Get ready for tools, insights, wisdom, hope and grace to help you handle the biggest challenges and build a blessed home.

- and the Centre for Strong Families.

Authors of "The Blessing" and "Where do I go from here?"

Meet the team

Our veteran stepparents, spouses and stepchildren - along with our therapist - bring a wealth of stories from their personal journeys as well as Biblical guidance and practical advice. Experience Blended Not Broken through our free guide on the 5 keys to leaving brokenness behind.

Christie Meldrim

A stepdaughter since she was 16, Christie has also been a stepmom for more than a dozen years. She loves to share her story, both the good and the hard, and come alongside others as they navigate their new blended family. Her family’s journey has led them to experience what it is like when you really invest in your family, and work toward having that healthy blended family you have so longed for.

Grant Wood

A Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist for more than 20 years, Grant is also a single father to two young adult children. He uses experiences as a father, a co-parent and a therapist to share practical tools and insights that will help enrich your relationships. His hope is that Blended Not Broken will grow to become your go-to reference point for navigating the challenges and opportunities that await you in your unique family situation.

Tim Smith

Tim has been a stepdad in a large family for over 25 years. He is excited to be able to share some of his personal experiences with you in leading and guiding a blended family while building a thriving marriage. Through the highs and lows, Tim’s family has experienced a great journey that can provide inspiration, tools and guidance. Tim encourages you to connect with the Blended Not Broken community for strategies to build vibrant blended families.

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